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Gheen & Co., CPA, LLC is a CPA firm specializing in accounting and tax strategies for medical professionals, dentists, veterinarians, and high net worth business owners. As a result of working with us, many businesses dramatically reduce their tax liabilities and ultimately become more profitable. Our experienced CPAs and accountants provide everything from cloud accounting and bookkeeping to tax planning, profit coaching, and benchmarking analysis. When you team up with us, we'll keep your finances organized and make sure you never overpay on your taxes.

Writeoffs to the Rescue!

We've developed an expertise for strategic tax planning as a Certified Tax Coach (CTC). The unique training gives us the process to save you a ton of money on taxes by identifying hidden deductions, tax credits, and tax loopholes. Instead of fighting the system, we leverage the tax code to your advantage by legally and ethically reducing tax obligations to put more money in your pocket. You can count on us to help you capitalize on every tax break available and ensure you never pay one dollar more than the IRS or state requires.

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Lowering Your Taxes Feels So Good